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States Sensitization and the SheTrades  Events

ANWBN is embarking on Massive Sensitization of women on the ITC SheTrades and SheTrades in the Commonwealth Programs. With the Support of CIPE, she has embarked on a Nationwide training and sensitization of Nigerian Women in Business on the need to join the SheTrdaes to be connected with other women across the globe and the

2017 Activities

Some Trainings/Capacity Building Workshops conducted by CIPE for ANWBN Leadership Team: Creating a Sustainable NPO Stakeholder Portfolio Maximizing Income-Creating Your NPO Revenue Portfolio Building Self-Sustaining Non-Profit Organizations- An Introduction Effective Advocacy. Coalition Sustainability: Creating your Coalition’s Sustainability plan, going forward. Strengthening Private Sector Participation in Elections Advocacy Training Workshop for Women Business Associations. States Sensitization

Business Environment Under Which Nigerian Women Operate

In 2016 also, ANWBN with the support of CIPE took time to examine the Business Environment under which Nigerian Women operate. With the engagement of a Consultant ANWBN gathered data on the challenges therein, and possible ways of overcoming them. Thereafter, she drafted a Policy Document and went further to develop a National Women Business

CIPE has sponsored ANWBN for these Capacity building training programs

CIPE has sponsored ANWBN for these Capacity building training programs: 2012   Workshop on ‘’How to Administer an Effective Women Business Organisation’’ in November 2012. 2013   Advocacy Training Workshop on 19th -21st February, 2013. 2013   Workshop on ‘’Coalition Governance and Financial Sustainability’’ was organised for Board members of all the Coalitions under CIPE on 25 – 27 March,

Access To Credit For Women Entrepreneurs

In 2014, ANWBN conducted an advocacy project on access to credit for women entrepreneurs after a national survey carried out by her through a Consultant. With the adequate data collected from the survey, ANWBN developed policy recommendations to overcome these challenges, and subsequently approached the Central Bank of Nigeria, and other relevant government agencies in