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Association of Nigerian Women Business
Network (ANWBN)

ANWBN is a coalition of 52 organizations that exists to enhance the economic status of Women so as to ensure peaceful co-habitation, credible job creation and adequate infrastructural provision across Nigeria. As a network we focus on total Women Empowerment, building leadership skills, access to credit, patronage of made in Nigerian goods as well as creating a gender friendly environment for women.

Our Mission

To improve the capacity of members and encourage sustainable entrepreneurship development among women through advocacy in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

Our Vision

A vibrant and premier coalition of professional and business women membership organizations in Nigeria, dedicated to promoting policy reforms that ensure sustainable economic development.

ANWBN Slogan

Women National Business Agenda

The Women Business Agenda is our vital tool created for the business community to encourage Investment and stimulate business activity and economic growth for women. With the support of CIPE, we developed the first Women National Business Agenda in 2015 as a guide to addressing the major challenges business and professional women face, that constituted huge impediments to their growth and sustainability. The WNBA also offered concrete recommendations and reforms to remove these barriers and improve the business climate for women.


Women's Anthem

1. All Across the Nation
All Around the World
Women are longing to be free
No longer in the Shadows
Forced to stay behind
But side by side in true Equality




So sing a song for Women everywhere
Let it ring around the world and never, never cease,
So sing a song for Women everywhere, Equality,
Development and Peace

2. Women can’t be silent
When around the world
People hurt and hungry children cry
We’ll sing out now for Justice and Development
And hold the Rights of all the People High




3. Women now are working to build a better world
Where the love of Peace can rest on every shore
Where men lay down their weapons and learn to love and share
And People work to bring an end to War


Refrain (2) to end

ANWBN Videos

Our Projects

States Sensitization and the SheTrades  Events

ANWBN is embarking on Massive Sensitization of women on the ITC SheTrades and SheTrades in the Commonwealth Programs. With the Support of CIPE, she has embarked on a Nationwide training and sensitizat

2017 Activities

Some Trainings/Capacity Building Workshops conducted by CIPE for ANWBN Leadership Team:

  1. Creating a Sustainable NPO Stakeholder Portfolio
  2. Maximizing Income-Cre

Business Environment Under Which Nigerian Women Operate

In 2016 also, ANWBN with the support of CIPE took time to examine the Business Environment under which Nigerian Women operate. With the engagement of a Consultant ANWBN gathered data on the challenges

CIPE has sponsored ANWBN for these Capacity building training programs

CIPE has sponsored ANWBN for these Capacity building training programs: 2012   Workshop on ‘’How to Administer an Effective Women Business Organisation’’ in November 2012

Recent News

  • ANWBN National Coordinator, Chief Anita Nana Okuribido.

    Nigerian Women Business Network Holds Summit

    The Association for Nigerian Women Business Network, ANWBN, a coalition of over 50 women association

    ANWBN Webinar: Mitigating the Dangers and Risks for Nigerian Women Entrepreneurs Post COVID-19

    In solidarity with all women entrepreneurs on the devastating economic impact of COVID-19 on busines

    ANWBN Collaboration with NDI in Abuja

    ANWBN Collaboration with NDI Abuja made possible by CIPE with the view of empowering and encouraing

  • COVID-19: ANWBN Laments Impact, Urges Govt to Do More

    COVID-19: ANWBN Laments Impact, Urges Govt to Do More

    The Association of Nigerian Women Business Network (ANWBN), has advised government

    IWD 2020: ANWBN, other women bodies urge women to build gender-balanced

    IWD 2020: ANWBN, other women bodies urge women to build gender-balanced world

    Nigerian women have been urged to build a gender-balanced world, as this would help the economy and

    An equal world is an enabled world

    International Women’s day Celebration/Press Conference

    The National executives, Member organisations and Guest came together at CIPE office on Wednesday, M